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Though wires vary, the diameter of individual filaments is generally less than 0.375inches. The cross section of stainless steel wire is most often round, though flat and otherwise shaped wires are available as well. Read More…

Stainless Steel Wire Stainless steel wires are threads of chromium rich iron ore based alloys that are extremely versatile in industrial and commercial sectors.

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We provide the best products in the stainless steel industry. Our customers know they can trust us for quality, affordability, and convenience. Our multiple locations make it easy to get what you need within days! Some orders can be shipped on the same day for extremely fast delivery. Find out how we can help you by contacting us today! We’d love to help you find what you need.

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Cada Stainless is a distributor of stainless steel in strip, coil & sheet. All grades of stainless steel available- annealed, tempered in 301,302,304,316, straight and L grades, 17/4, 17/7, 420,430,440, temper rolling to specific thicknesses & tolerances available. We are ISO 9000 certified! With competitive prices & quality service, we can help your company get through these strange market times!

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Metalmen provides worldwide distribution of all stainless steel. With our wide range of products, we offer expert market advice and complete metalworking as a custom response supplier serving industry. We have been providing engineering and research for over 30 years. Fast delivery of so many on-demand and specialty metals; non-standards and small quantities welcomed!

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When people think of stainless steel they think of us! We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in order to keep them coming back to us for all of their stainless steel needs. Our amazing staff will provide you with excellent care and the fabulous customer service that we are known for. Browse through the products on our website in order to let us know exactly what it is that you need. We will do our best to accommodate whatever product you may need. Contact us today!

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At Production Metals, we aim to provide high quality products, top-notch customer service, and use our superior product knowledge to ensure you get the product you need. We offer stainless steel rods and bars with diameters from 1/4" to 5". Various grades are also available, including 303 ULTRA, 304/L, 316/L, and more. We also offer precision cutting services with tolerances held up to P/M .005" Visit our website or call to get started!

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Stainless steel is one of the many types of metals we supply at Ryerson, including stainless sheet, coil, plate, bars, structurals, tubing & pipe. As a leading metals distributor & processor, we have unparalleled service centers throughout the US & Canada offering exceptional product range & fabrication capabilities.

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Integrity Stainless is a distributor of stainless steel sheets, coil and strip coil. Since 2005, we have been offering cost effective stainless steel solutions for fabricators and manufacturers across the United States. We are committed to providing the ultimate customer service experience. We deal in prime and secondary stainless steel.

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Uses for stainless steel wires are incredibly diverse ranging from medical and dental tooling and apparatus to structural supports for construction and marine industries. Stainless steel wire is particularly well suited to such applications and others due to its hygienic, corrosion resistant, wear resistant and heat resistant qualities.

The high ductility, formability, weight to strength ratio and hardness of stainless steel alloys are also desirable traits of these filaments which may be used as such or combined through weaving, welding, twisting, braiding and more be made into complex products such as baskets, shelving or wire rope.

Along with the properties of a given stainless steel grade, the physical dimensions such as outer diameter, overall thickness or gauge, length and weight should be considered with regard for the final use of a rope to avoid potentially costly mechanical failure or inadequate performance. Steel service centers, wire rope manufacturers and other professionals should be consulted if uncertainty persists.

Rather than one specific steel alloy, stainless steel is a group of alloys whose compositions are primarily iron ore, but contain a minimum of 10% chromium. While other materials such as carbon, nickel, molybdenum, silicone and aluminum are present in various combinations, it is the chromium which gives the metals their name-sake non-staining, corrosion and wear resistant properties.

The chromium forms a protective layer of chromium oxide which provides the above characteristics. To create wires the alloyed material is first heated and then cast or otherwise formed into billets, ingots, rods or other stock shapes. One end of this form is then made narrower by hammering, filing, rolling or swaging so it will fit into a die. The pre-form for the wire is then pulled through the die, an action which decreases the overall diameter while increasing the length.

For thicker wire one die may be needed, but more often the strand is passed through a series of progressively smaller dies until the desired diameter and length are reached. Alternative processes such as extrusion, rolling or stamping may also be used in wire forming, though drawing is the most common among stainless steel wire manufacturers. Secondary treatments such as painting, annealing, coating and more are often made available to heighten the versatility of stainless steel wire both in terms of aesthetics and physical properties.

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